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Athes is the first centralized ecosystem for youth sports.

First of its kind youth athletic community for coaches, athletes, and teams to connect and share valuable, engaging, and customized training content.

Athes offer something unique to all users.

Users are loving ATHES

“Absolute MUST HAVE for coaches, parents and teams. Makes scheduling so much easier.

Erica B.


“This is really cool. I can post my own sports highlights with my own account now.

Sergio L.


“Been waiting for something like this. As a coach, this will allow me to build my business. Great idea. Wish this came out sooner.

Coach B.


“So much fun to use. Good sports content for my daughter to see and use.

Richard C.


“Great concept. So refreshing to see an app like this in the market.

Stephen Z.


“As a team manager, I’ve struggled for years to coordinate games, practices, etc. This has made my life so much easier.



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